Bakr&Berg ❤ Bioplastic

The process of developing a cosmetics brand is not just about developing the products themselves. As beauty enthusiasts at heart and soul, with a passion for marketing scientifically-backed products that exude luxury, this process is undoubtedly the most enjoyable for us, as it embodies everything we stand for. Hence, we never anticipated that discovering the ideal packaging for our products would entail a lengthy and captivating journey.

What started with many ideas and sketches eventually continued in a long and instructive process. We are aware of the abundance of plastic waste in today’s culture. Although our products last a long time, there comes a time when they need to be replaced and the old packaging ends up in the trash.

Bioplastic it is!

We wanted to package our products in bioplastic, so we sat down with many producers to eventually find packaging material that is 100% recyclable. We eventually chose sugarcane plastic, a bioplastic that is entirely recyclable. Something that is very important to us.

What is sugarcane?

First of all, it is important to know that plastic made from sugarcane is of the same quality as the oil-based plastic we all know. Sugarcane is molecularly identical to oil-based plastic. In addition, the production of sugarcane is a sustainable process that even generates energy. Sugarcane also grows for 10 years and can regrow every year.

Some advantages of sugarcane plastic:

  • Sugarcane is 100% recyclable and you can throw the waste in the plastic bin
  • Less water and energy is required for processing sugarcane
  • The CO2 footprint of sugarcane plastic is more than 50% less than normal plastic