Bakr&Berg in Association of Young Pharmacists Magazine

Nearly a year ago, after an extensive preparation process, we launched our skincare brand, Bakr&Berg. After an incredibly enjoyable and informative journey, we are proudly sharing an article about Bakr&Berg in the magazine of the VJA (Young Pharmacists Association). In the article, you can read about how our scientific knowledge, clinical experience, and shared passion for beauty formed the foundation of our beautiful brand.

Read the article from the VJA Magazine below:

In addition to our work as a pharmacist and a general practitioner, Sawen Bakr and Margreeth van den Berg have always had a passion for skincare and cosmetics. The dream of creating our own skincare line resurfaced regularly. With our scientific knowledge, clinical experience, and shared passion for high-quality skincare products, we found common ground. We joined forces and founded the brand Bakr&Berg, a unique skincare brand designed especially for self-assured women and men who care about their skin and health, and who appreciate quality and the finer things in life. In a nutshell, Bakr&Berg is: Skin care with a medical twist for those who care about their skin and health, but do not blindly choose a product off the shelves. And last but not least: A touch of gold!

How It All Began

It started with a passion. With theoretical knowledge, clinical experiences, and, above all, a significant personal interest, the idea quickly evolved into a plan. We developed the plan through brainstorming sessions, discussions with various stakeholders, and extensive market research. Right from the very beginning, we paid great attention to the product development process. Where we lacked knowledge, we sought to acquire it. The development process often takes ten steps forward and then eight steps back, but ultimately, it’s the result that matters. We created formulas fully supported by our scientific knowledge and clinical experience, resulting in formulas and ingredient combinations that deliver on their promises.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship as a Conscious Choice

The process of developing a skincare line involved more than we initially thought. In addition to formulating the products, we had to address the business aspects and delve into the world of materials and packaging. Sustainability and veganism were aspects we wanted to incorporate into our products. However, finding suitable packaging proved to be quite a challenge. We never anticipated that the search for the perfect packaging for our products would be such a long but fascinating process. We are acutely aware of the excess of plastic in our disposable culture. Even our products will eventually run out, and the empty packaging ends up as waste. Therefore, we were keen to package our products in bioplastic and engaged in numerous discussions (virtual and physical) with manufacturers to ultimately find packaging material that is 100% recyclable. We ultimately chose sugarcane plastic, a bioplastic that is entirely recyclable. This was of great importance to us.

Molecularly, sugarcane is identical to oil-based plastic. It was essential that the packaging met the necessary requirements of food and regulatory authorities, as well as European guidelines and legislation. Consequently, extensive testing was conducted, resulting in 100% recyclable packaging with a CO2 footprint that is 50% less than that of regular plastic. For our initial product launch, we opted for 75ml tubes because this was a convenient size according to market research we conducted. It is compact and easy to carry, making it suitable for daily use or on-the-go. It’s a practical size with enough volume for use over a certain period without being overly large or unwieldy.

Another crucial aspect of Bakr&Berg is that our products are registered in the G-standard. This instills confidence in pharmacists and doctors to offer them in pharmacies.

For now, Bakr&Berg is currently available in a select number of clinics and pharmacies in the Netherlands, but our goal is to expand. This ambition goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability. Bakr&Berg will continue to choose sustainable processes and materials.

We are constantly working on developing new products and are eagerly anticipating the growth of Bakr&Berg and the expansion of our product range. Our ambition is to offer Bakr&Berg products to every woman and man worldwide, wherever they may be.