Help! Dry hands in winter! What can I do?

Although this winter cannot be called very wintry, many people still suffer from chapped, dry, tight, and even painful hands. Especially if you wash your hands frequently or spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s almost impossible to avoid. A good hand cream is therefore a real must for almost everyone. First and foremost, for soft and supple hands, but of course also because it’s just delightful to apply a nourishing hand cream.

How do dry and painful hands occur?

Our hands when it gets colder or if you wash your hands often, endure a lot. Think of cold air when it freezes, but the heater also plays a role, oh, and what about frequent hand washing?! All factors that can cause rough, dry and even painful skin with cracks in the worst case.

Dry air is a common cause of (too) dry hands. In winter, the heating is turned on again and the windows are opened less frequently. The humidity in the house decreases. You will undoubtedly recognize it: after a night of restful sleep with the window slightly open, you turn on the heating. Delicious, of course, but soon you may experience a tight and dry skin. Our hands are particularly sensitive to this. If it then also freezes outside, the situation is really bad. Quite unpleasant, because cracks in the dry skin of your hands are really not enjoyable. Tip. Turn the heating down one degree and regularly leave the window slightly open, even during cold days.

In addition to humidity, frequent hand washing (with soap) is another important cause of dry hands. Since the pandemic, we have been constantly reminded that we must wash our hands frequently and for as long as possible. It is undoubtedly good for fighting the virus, but disastrous for the skin of your hands. There is almost no one who has not suffered from frequent hand washing.

The more often you wash your hands, the better you need to care for them with a moisturizing hand cream. As we have all learned, soap is important in killing viruses, so unfortunately, we are stuck with it.

Tip. Don’t shower too long or especially not too hot! Although it can be lovely sometimes, it’s just not good for your skin. Not just for the skin of your hands, but for your entire body!

How can I prevent dry and chapped hands?!

Applying hand cream is delightful throughout the year, but especially during the winter months, it is an essential. Start applying cream before you experience any symptoms. That way, you are ahead of the problem. Add applying hand cream to your morning routine, and repeat during the day after washing your hands. A small amount is enough to keep your hands supple and soft all day long.

Hydrating hand cream from Bakr&Berg

Bakr&Berg has developed a super-nourishing hand cream, made from natural ingredients. The cream makes your hands super-soft, and the scent is amazing too. Some of the ingredients in our cream are macadamia oil, olive oil, and schizophyllan. You may not have heard of these ingredients, but trust us, they all have a unique way of making your skin soft and supple. Our hand cream comes in a lovely tube (made from bioplastic) that looks super nice. It’s perfect for displaying in your bathroom or putting in your bag to use on-the-go.

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